Competitions & Awards

Our Competitions and Awards Program fosters academic excellence and holistic development in public secondary schools. Through diverse competitions—spanning science, arts, sports, and leadership—students are encouraged to explore their talents, critical thinking, and creativity. Winners receive recognition and scholarships, motivating their pursuit of knowledge and skill enhancement. This initiative not only rewards outstanding achievements but also builds a culture of ambition and self-improvement, preparing students for future success and inspiring a lifelong passion for learning and excellence.

Women Empowerment

Our Women Empowerment Program focuses on uplifting local communities by enhancing women's skills, confidence, and economic independence. Through tailored workshops, vocational training, and leadership development, we aim to address gender disparities and foster self-sufficiency. Participants gain access to educational resources, entrepreneurship opportunities, and support networks, enabling them to contribute significantly to their families and communities. This program promotes gender equality and drives sustainable development, empowering women to be catalysts for positive social and economic change.

Coding & Hackathon

Our Coding and Hackathon Program empowers public secondary school students with essential coding skills and problem-solving abilities. Through hands-on coding workshops, team-based hackathons, and mentoring, students tackle real-world challenges, fostering creativity and innovation. The program culminates in a dynamic hackathon, where students develop projects and compete for awards. This initiative inspires a passion for technology, enhances computational thinking, and equips students with valuable skills for the digital economy, preparing them for future careers in tech and beyond.